Rest easy when choosing an experienced custom bathroom renovation expert!

You don’t have to go to a spa to unwind after a long day. You can create a luxurious oasis in your very own home by updating your bathroom. As an Oceanside, CA business, Maximum Plumbing offers custom bathroom renovation services that will help you pamper yourself. If you’d like a steam unit or custom shower installation, set up an appointment with our renovation specialist right away.


A custom bathroom renovation is a great way to boost your home’s value and improve its appearance. But there are a few extra touches you can add to your bathroom to take it to the next level.

To create a luxurious bathroom, consider installing a:

  • Steam unit
  • Custom shower or bathtub
  • On-demand heating system

You don’t have to settle for an outdated bathroom. Reach out to us today to get a custom shower installation to modernize your bathroom.